MP3-Fans aufgepasst:
Nicht jeder ist ein solcher Crack, dass er weiss, wie die auf dieser Seite enthaltenen MP3-Songs auf die Festplatte heruntergeladen und dann so umgewandelt werden, dass sie, nachdem sie auf CD gebrannt worden sind, in jedem CD-Player abgespielt werden können. Viele E-Mails und Anrufe haben das gezeigt.
Dem wollen wir Abhilfe schaffen. Im Anschluß an unsere MP3-Auswahl haben wir einen kleinen Leitfaden erstellt, der euch die Vorgehensweise erläutert.

Attention MP3 fans: On the bottom of this page please find a small instruction how to convert an MP3 file to a WAVE file which is needed to burn on a CD and makes it possible to be played in every CD player.


MP3 (199 MB)
The zip-Folder contains the whole concert!
FLAC (745 MB)
The zip-Folder contains the whole concert!

With CRACKER another admired band finally is highly welcome to the Blue Rose family! We want to celebrate this new family member not only with a new studio album (Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey, out May 8) but also with a free download of a complete show in great sound quality (thanks to Michael Scheuring!). The show took place at the "Rätsche" in Geislingen, Germany on October 24, 2008 and is available as MP3 and FLAC files. The files include a jpg/pdf cover and traycard.

(FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. Grossly oversimplified, FLAC is similar to MP3, but lossless, meaning that audio is compressed in FLAC without any loss in quality. It is optimized for wav audio files, and can compress a wav to 30-50% of its original size. The decoding back to wav is very fast and it is an exact copy of the original file.)
The flac files all include a .zip ending although the files are NOT zipped. After downloading just remove the .zip ending from the file name.

CD 1
1. Intro (4 MB)
2. Movie Star (28 MB)
3. Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now) (34 MB)
4. 100 Flower Power Maximum (22 MB)
5. Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out With Me (29 MB)
6. Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey (30 MB)
7. Show Me How This Thing Works (24 MB)
8. One Fine Day (52 MB)
9. Gimme One More Chance (33 MB)
10. The Riverside (34 MB)
11. Mr. Wrong (35 MB)
12. Lonesome Johnny Blues (21 MB)
13. How Can I Live Without You (27 MB)
CD 2
1. Euro-Trash Girl (64 MB)
2. Seven Days (34 MB)
3. Low (39 MB)
4. Take Me Down To The Infirmary (32 MB)
5. I'm A Little Rocket Ship (32 MB)
6. Another Song About The Rain (66 MB)
7. I See The Light (42 MB)
8. Everybody Gets One For Free (70 MB)
CD-Artwork (cover/traycard) (4 MB)


MP3 (229 MB)
The zip-Folder contains the whole concert!
In February 2009 THE BAND OF HEATHENS toured Germany a second time after a short visit in December 2008 when they played at the Blue Rose Christmas Party in Hannover and kicked ass! 500 people witnessed a memorable night - a new Blue Rose favorite band was born and when the band returned in February 2009 the word of mouth did the job and the shows were very well attended. All the shows of the band are different so was the performance at the Laboratorium in Stuttgart on February 6th. More acoustic than usual but still pretty rockin', the band and 150 people in the sold out club had a blast. This night was captured by Michael Scheuring and we think the sound quality is so good that we want to share it with all the fan of THE BAND OF HEATHENS. The Winzip file contains the complete show as well as the artwork for a cover and an inlaycard. We are sorry not to include a blank CD, though...

(FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. Grossly oversimplified, FLAC is similar to MP3, but lossless, meaning that audio is compressed in FLAC without any loss in quality. It is optimized for wav audio files, and can compress a wav to 30-50% of its original size. The decoding back to wav is very fast and it is an exact copy of the original file.)
The flac files all include a .zip ending although the files are NOT zipped. After downloading just remove the .zip ending from the file name.

CD 1
1. Intro 1 (7 MB)
2. Second Line (31 MB)
3. Shine A Light (32 MB)
4. Bumblebee (41 MB)
5. Rehab Facility (36 MB)
6. Chippin Away At The Promised Land (48 MB)
7. Walking And Talking (58 MB)
8. Broken Heart String (36 MB)
9. Wheels On The Ground (34 MB)
10. Talking Out Loud (35 MB)
11. Unsleeping Eye (38 MB)
12. Hallelujah/I've Got A Feeling (71 MB)
13. Intro 2 (5 MB)
14. This I Know (29 MB)
15. Judas 'Scariot Blues (31 MB)
CD 2
1. One More Step (40 MB)
2. Nine Steps Down (50 MB)
3. Right Here With Me (26 MB)
4. Cornbread (58 MB)
5. You're Gonna Miss Me (71 MB)
6. Quarters And Dimes (33 MB)
7. Jenny Was A Keeper (56 MB)
8. Jackson Station (46 MB)
9. Ain't No More Cane (41 MB)
10. I Got You (62 MB)
11. Don't Call On Me (61 MB)
CD-Artwork (cover/traycard) (4 MB)


On October 4, 2003 Terry Lee was invited by his German friend Peter Weber to play at his unique "Edenless Bar". It turned out as a great night with a lot of fun and fantastic music. Terry Lee's show was taped and we are proud to offer live versions of four of the new songs as MP3s for a free download: "Eye Of The Moon", "Take It Back", "Take Away" and "I Still Want You".


The three piece from Minneapolis has recently released the album Penance on Blue Rose. Although it's their third album officially (following the self-titled debut and Nuzzle, both albums are also available through the BR mailorder), the band had released one more album called Country. This album was strictly limited to 200 copies and was sold out within a few weeks.

We got the permission from the band to put the complete Country album on our website for a FREE download, including the original cover artwork.

The track list:
1. 57 Skidoo
2. She Darked The Sun
3. Open Heart
4. Illegal Smile
5. Some Of Shelly's Blues
6. In God's Country
7. Train Leaves Here This Morning
8. I'm Gonna Love You
9. Nashville Burn
10. The Red Headed Stranger

CD cover:

CD traycard:


In October 2002 CINDY BULLENS was on solo tour in Europe. She played a successful show at the "Take Root Festival" in Assen in the Netherlands, and she also did some shows in Germany. The performance in Tübingen on October 14th was recorded, and we will present you four live versions of songs from her new album Neverland, available on Blue Rose on July 14th: "Long Way Down (I Liked Falling)", "Send Me An Angel", "Sensible Shoes" and "Gravity And Grace".


In Spring 2003 PLAINSONG did a successful tour through the UK and Germany. Iain Matthews, Andy Roberts, Julian Dawson and Mark Griffiths played amazing shows covering songs from all the albums this line-up had recorded since 1992, plus a few songs from the band's debut album back in 1972, In Search of Amelia Earhart. In Tuebingen, Germany we not only videotaped a few songs you can watch at our videoclips page, we also have four songs as MP3s for a free download: "Galway To Graceland", "Lost John" (both from Voices Electric, "Raider" (from In Search Of Amelia Earhart), and "Sloth" from the new album Pangolins.

STEVE WYNN feat. Chris Cacavas

With the start of the German duo tour of Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3 guitarist Jason Victor we put two exclusive live songs as MP3 files for a free download on the web, recorded at the Blue Rose Christmas Party in Heilbronn on December 15, 2002. On the first track, "Merrittville", a forever young Dream Syndicate classic, Steve plays solo with his acoustic guitar, on the second song, "Ambassador Of Soul" from the forthcoming album Static Transmission, he is accompanied by Chris Cacavas on keyboards.


The four piece from Durham, New Hampshire is doing their second tour through European countries. Following Italy and the Netherlands, they play 11 shows in Germany. The show at the Buergerhaus in Heilbronn on September 20 was a blast. We picked three songs from that show which are available for a free download:
- "Don't Leave"
- "Wasting Time"
- "Lonely"

The entire show was recorded for a live album due out sometime in Spring 2003.


With the release of the new album Slippage the Denton, Texas based foursome has a special giveaway to all their fans: the unreleased track "Songs" from the Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today sessions.


On September 23, 2002 the new album Room To Breathe will follow the Grammy award winning Nothing Personal. From this smash hit we have a live version of "Gotta Get It Worked On" to raise a toast for another successful album.


We received the following email by BIG IN IOWA singer/songwriter Bob Burns:

I was going over a few songs and I thought that you or some of the fans might enjoy them as MP3's? It's nothing special, just me playing a few songs acoustically at a little corner bar called Bob's in Fairfield, Ohio. Fitting name huh? The songs were recorded on April 24th, 2002. Do whatever you like with them. No Dance Remixes Though!!!
Song #1 - David Bowie's " Ashes To Ashes". Listen for the audience participation. It cracks me up.
Song #2 - The Small Faces' " Itchycoo Park". You can hear our drummer, Jeff Wilson in the crowd singing harmony.
Song #3 - Simon & Garfunkel's " For Emily (Wherever I May Found Her)".

Thanks, Bob - your fans will appreciate it!


In June 2002 the ELLIOTT MURPHY TRIO (Elliott, Olivier Durand and Danny Montgomery) was doing the second leg of this year's German tour, and Elliott was really generous giving us four (!) songs for a free download - for a limited time only.
Three songs - "Fall In Love Again", "Road Movie", and "Mary's Got A Red Dress On" (previously available on US EP Love To America only) are outtakes from the Selling The Gold sessions, the version of "Last Of The Rock Stars" is the original demo from 1971.


Pic: Steffen Paulus

MICHAEL HALL & THE WOODPECKERS live at KUT 90.5 FM Austin TX ( on April 9, 2002 - you can listen to it right here. The band played five songs while the interview took place, and all the songs are available for a free download:

- "Sometimes I Wish I'd Never Heard The Rolling Stones"
- "In The Crypt With Eleanora"
- "A Heart Needs A Home"
- "Revolution In Cuba"
- "Beeville By Morning"


After bands like Blind Faith and Asia, the term "supergroup" has long carried a stink of hype and self-indulgence. Then, there's the YAYHOOS, bringing together producer/ex-Blackheart/ex-Del-Lords Eric "Roscoe" Ambel, Georgia Satellites Dan Baird and Terry Anderson, and Shaver bassist Keith Christopher. It's refreshing to see four grown men grinning like monkeys onstage and having a good time with it. This is the real deal!

The band will be touring Europe in May for the first time. For a limited time only we have an exclusive MP3 track, "California" which doesn't appear on their critically acclaimed album Fear Not The Obvious.


Photo: Steffen Paulus

JOLENE, basically a five piece band from Charlotte, North Carolina, are touring Germany for the first time. For the German shows the band added two more musicians on cello and violin, and they sound brilliant with three guitars (2 Rickenbacker!), organ, lap steel and drums. The biggest part of the set includes songs from their two Blue Rose records Antic Ocean ("Even Tempered") and the new one, The Pretty Dive, but they also perform a few songs from their older albums In The Gloaming ("Pensacola", "16c") and their first album from 1995, Hell's Half Acre ("I Read What You Wrote Today").

Two of the four songs are also available for Real Player listening:
"Pensacola" and "I Read What You Wrote Today".

All four songs have been recorded live from the band's show at the "Sinkkasten" in Frankfurt, Germany on January 13, 2002.



Photo: Ullrich Maurer at "Subway" in Cologne in April 2001

Since the spring tour was so successful we decided to bring STEVE WYNN & THE MIRACLE 3 back for some more shows (tourdates see at the ON TOUR page). To celebrate his return we will release a single (!) - the third in Blue Rose history. We asked you to send us your suggestions for such a single and everyone (without any exception) voted for There Will Come A Day, the last song on Here Come The Miracles. The disc will include four live tracks from the spring tour, recorded (once again) in Affalter, Germany on April 28. The songs are "Drought", "Death Valley Rain", "Let's Leave It Like That" and "Halloween". It will be available from September 1.
Just four songs from his spectacular shows? Well - we want you to go to his shows, you don't have to miss them! To convince you we have five (!) more songs for a free download, for a limited time only. They will disappear when the tour has ended in mid November 2001.
1. Nothing But The Shell
2. I Love The Way You Punish Me
3. Burn
4. Smash MySelf To Bits
5. Merrittville

Blue Rose fan Karlheinz Baumann created a booklet and an inlaycard, available for a download right here. If you add the four live songs from the single There Will Come A Day you'll have a nice little live album with nine tracks from the 2001 Spring tour.


On August 28 the brand new studio album by RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS, My Lucky Stars, will be released on Blue Rose. One of the eleven new songs is called Walk Away, a catchy rock/pop tune, in a better world for sure a radio hit. Here you find an exclusive acoustic version of this song, just Rich Hopkins and his guitar.


Recorded live at the Buergerhaus in Heilbronn, Germany on May 27, 2001, this original by Iain Matthews from his 1994 album Dark Ride, Girl With The Clouds In Her Eyes, was hardly played on the trio's recent tour. Maybe it was even the one and only show they performed it.

That song will not be on the forthcoming 2 CD live album Blue Rose Official Bootleg Series - Live in Solingen 1.6.2001!


The band's show at the Wolfstock Festival at Bostal Lake in Germany on June 15 was a blast! They played 29 songs, on two they had a little help by another Blue Rose act, RICH HOPKINS. The concert was recorded by a fan and since the sound quality was so good we decided to give the fans the complete set for a free download.

Here's the complete set list:
1. Natasha (2:57)
2. Is This Love (3:42)
3. Anna Lee (4:27)
4. Move Along (2:29)
5. Don't Be Mad (3:12)
6. Neon Signs (3:30)
7. Gettin' Gone (2:44)
8. Big In Iowa Dot Com Song (0:15)
9. Bull In A China Shop (3:37)
10./11. I Forgot What I Remembered/Little Bit O'Soul (5:44)
12. Into The Mystic (4:50)
13. Rewind (3:44)
14. Can You Hear Me? (3:13)
15. Summer Fall (3:07)
16. Cindy (4:01)
17. Green Thoughts (3:30)
18. Cinnamon Girl (3:06)
19. Powderfinger (w/ Rich Hopkins) (4:30)
20. Rockin' In The Free World (w/ Rich Hopkins) (7:27)
21./22. Joe Baldwin's Head/Not Gone Yet (7:12)
23./24. Nothing To Gain/Miss You (10:20)
25. Folsom Prison Blues (3:21)
26. Life Takes Place (3:32)
27. Mother Nature (3:34)
28. Rockin' All Over The World (3:04)
29. Ohio (2:45)


On February 24th, 2001 RAINRAVENS (Andy Van Dyke, Herb Belofsky, Brad Dienstbier, Storm Rhode IV) played a show at the Saxon Pub in Austin, Texas, just two weeks before they had the release party for the new album One Last Saturday Night at the same place. They played around one hour, 16 tracks, some songs from their previous three albums and also six songs from the new album. We have the COMPLETE set for you here and for free! That's the real deal, right?
And on top of that you can even download the artwork for a front (632 KB) and back cover (488 KB) which was created by German Rainravens fan Karlheinz Baumann. Just click at the image for a download.

And please don't forget to check the new album at our mailorder section!

1. Last One Through The Door (3:42)
2. Diamond Diamond Bar (4:05)
3. Down In The Water (3:12)
4. Eleven Roses (4:38)
5. Rose Of Jericho (3:42)
6. Long Cold Summer (5:06)
7. Dead Horse (3:11)
8. One Last Saturday Night (4:24)
9. Traveling Heavy (3:28)
10. Tell It To Me (4:08)
11. Zapruder Blues (4:57)
12. Where That Came From (2:48)
13. Same Old Skin (4:00)
14. Wandering Heart (2:48)
15. Long Way To Fall (4:38)
16. Maintenance Man (5:06)


RETO BURRELL is a Swiss singer/songwriter and made a fantastic rock album called Echo Park - a MUST for all the fans of Todd Thibaud or Matthew Ryan. It will be available in February 2001, and the first pressing will include a (free) recordable CD for 4 free MP3 songs available on this site. That means you don't have to buy a seperate CD-R!

1. No Reason For You MP3
2. Same Words MP3
2. Finally, Finally MP3
2. Austin MP3


Photo: Thomas Neukirchner

Around December 1 the band will release a live album entitled 4 guys in a Trabi, recorded in Affalter during their first and very successful German tour in early 2000. The title was born from the band's first "meeting" with this very special car from former East Germany called Trabant (nickname "Trabi"). When they saw this small vehicle they bet that it would be impossible for all four of them to find a place in the car. But they made it - they even closed the doors!
4 guys in a Trabi contains 17 songs. Four more (Georgia, Hideaway, Neon Signs, and Rockin' In The Free World are available as free MP3s here and on the band's website only!
This live album comes in an attractive digipak package and will be available in Germany as a mailorder CD only!


We saw another great show on his German tour 2000, once again in one of our most favorite clubs, the "Musikwerkstatt" in Neustadt/Weinstrasse, on October 21.
We recorded that show, and Todd gave us the permission to put some of the tracks either as Real Audio- or MP3-Files on our website. We hope you enjoy!

From December 1 the complete show will be available as the first release of our new Official Blue Rose Bootleg Series!

Here's the complete setlist of the show:
1. Is This Love
2. Sweet Destiny
3. Last Thing That I Need
4. Give Back My Heart   realaudio
5. Anywhere
6. Dragging Me Down MP3
7. Little Mystery
8. Unbroken   realaudio
9. Never Really Lost
10. Copperhead Road
11. Your Little Pals
12. That Wasn't Me
13. Sacred   realaudio
14. Already Gone
15. Tired Of Being Me MP3
16. Cinnamon Girl   realaudio
17. Live Without It
18. Uninvited, Overdue   realaudio
19. Johanna's Dreams
20. Finer Things
21. By Degrees MP3
22. Finding Out
23. Cold
24. Barroom Girls (w/ Joseph Parsons) MP3
25. Dead Flowers (w/ Joseph Parsons)
26. St. Cecilia
27. Suffer Me
28. 2 am

29. I Ain't Ever Satisfied (recorded live at "Linde" in Affalter, Germany on November 11, 2000) MP3
30. The Weight (recorded live at "Linde" in Affalter, Germany on November 11, 2000) MP3
31. Lucky Town (recorded live at the Pfleghofsaal in Langenau, Germany on October 31, 2000) MP3
32. New World Coming (recorded live at the Pfleghofsaal in Langenau, Germany on October 31, 2000) MP3


BIG IN IOWA's Bob Burns in his own words:
I want to start out by thanking everybody for listening to our songs on Thanks to you, we peaked at #19 on the Alternative Country charts! (I don't think we're Alternative Country, but that's the best slot we fall into. We just like to call it "Good Music".) As a special gift, we're giving you this one time offer with our new extendable spatula for the low low price of 19.99! No more will you have to worry about singeing the hair off your arms while trying to flip that burger. All joking aside, we decided to give you one of our rare live tracks from our European tour. It's Ohio by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. If you don't know by now, Neil Young wrote this song after the Kent State Massacre. We're from Ohio and we like the song, so we decided to play it on our tour.

This CSNY song was recorded live by Stefan Gunter on January 9th, 2000 at the Buergerhaus in Loessnitz, Germany. We hope you enjoy it. Just go to


The CONTINENTAL DRIFTERS recently finished their third German tour since 1996, which became the most successful so far. The band played twelve rock shows and one special acoustic gig outside of a record store.

For all of you who didn't have the chance to see the band and also for all of you who never saw this fantastic band playing live before (shame on you!) the band gave us the permission to give away four live tracks, recorded during their German '98 tour, as free MP3 files in full length, none of them available on any record yet!

- You're Gonna Need Somebody (Fairport Convention song, recorded in Neustadt/Weinstraße at the "Musikwerkstatt" on 19.6.)
- Tighter And Tighter (originally by Alive And Kicking, recorded also in Neustadt)
- Down By The River (Neil Young song - recorded in Tuebingen at the "Sudhaus" on 9.7.)
- Dedicated To The One I Love (Mamas & Papas song, Neustadt again)


Picture shows Todd at the Glitterhouse festival in June '99 (taken by Juergen Kaßnitz)

TODD THIBAUD is offering three songs (one in two different versions), not available on any record, for a free download through his website. Great stuff and definately worth to be on a regular album. It again shows the great songwriting of one of the most successful Blue Rose artists!


CHRIS BURROUGHS is on tour in Europe in June and July with his band, the Mercenaries, to promote the new album Loose. From the show in Norderstedt, Germany on May 24 we have a free version of "Sign Of Life" from his Trade Of Chains album.

1. Sign Of Life (live) (4:27)  realaudio    MP3


The Schramms most recently have released a new studio album called 100 Questions. But that's not the only thing we are happy to tell you about this quintet from Hoboken, New Jersey. The band will also tour Europe in March and April, and Dave Schramm sent us a tape with a previously unreleased Schramms song called "Fade, Fade" as a free MP3. Since the band had two different versions and couldn't decide which one to use they asked us to put both of them on the web. Very generous, folks!

1. Fade, Fade (trash mix) (5:22)  realaudio    MP3
2. Fade, Fade (clean mix) (5:28)  realaudio    MP3


In September 1998, Iain Matthews toured Germany with a full band, the first time since 18 years (at least). On guitar he was accompanied by Bradley Kopp, on bass by Mark Andes (founding member of Spirit and Firefall), and on drums by Larry Thompson. One of these shows was recorded in Nuernberg at the "Hirsch" club by our friends from HO*T-FM radio in Hof, who became something like famous with the recently released HO*T-FM Blue Rose Broadcasts Vol. 1 compilation.
12 songs of this show will be available on the live album A Live Wham which will be released in February 2000 as a limited 2CD/2LP set with the brandnew studio album A Tiniest Wham. Another few songs from this concert are available right here and now for a free download.
And - last but not least - there is one more song, "Gimme An Inch" (a small hit for Iain back in 1979 in the US single charts - peaked at #65), available on the brandnew Blue Rose Collection Vol. 6. The new compilation is something special: It is not available in the shops or anywhere else but just through the Blue Rose mailorder. And even more special - it's (almost) for free - you just have to place an order (no matter how many items or how much it will be) and this new sampler will be included in your parcel (one copy each customer). More details at the "News" page.

1. Dance Of Fate MP3
4. Mercy Street MP3
5. Gimme An Inch MP3
6. Horse Left In The Rain MP3

ELLIOTT MURPHY & Olivier Durand

On April 23, 1999 Elliott Murphy played a show in Affalter/Germany, which was promoted by "Live Musik Affalter E.V.", a club with members, all of them very into this roots rock/singer-songwriter music style. This show was recorded, with special guest Joseph Parsons who played a show there a few days later, and when we heard the tape we called Elliott and said: "Elliott, this is the live album all your fans are waiting for for a long time, just you and Olivier Durand and your guitars." When Elliott listened to the tape he agreed. He went into the studio and made the sound ever better as it was originally. And to make this album even more special it's available through a few mailorder companies only which means it will not be available in German record stores anywhere! APRIL - A Live Album will be available from October 25.
It was a really long night and the two played 28 songs altogether. Too many for even a 80 minute running CD. So we decided to give the fans 7 (!) more songs and, for the first time, the "O'Henry Story", via the internet for a free download.
Here's the complete setlist of the performance. The CD tracks are marked with (x), the MP3 files as MP3. Happy download!!!

1. Somebodies Anniversary   realaudio    MP3
2. You Never Know What You're In For (x)
3. Sicily (x)
4. Made In Freud (x)
5. O Wyoming   realaudio    MP3
6. Take Your Love Away (x)
7. Hard Core (x)
8. Drive All Night (x)
9. "The O'Henry Story" (translated by Livia)  realaudio    MP3
10. Small Room   realaudio    MP3
11. On Elvis Presley's Birthday (x)
12. Brown-Eyed Girl
13. Caught Short In The Long Run (x)
14. Diamonds By The Yard (x)
15. Party Girls And Broken Poets (x)
16. Gloria (x)
17. Rock Ballad (x)
18. As Tears Go By
19. All Along The Watchtower (w/ Joseph Parsons)   realaudio    MP3
20. Wild Horses (w/ Joseph Parsons) (x)
21. The Epicenter (x)
22. Runaway (x)
23. House Of The Rising Sun (x)
24. Route 66   realaudio    MP3
25. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
26. Twist And Shout (w/ Joseph Parsons)   realaudio    MP3
27. Just A Story From America
28. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
29. Like A Rolling Stone (w/ Joseph Parsons)   realaudio    MP3


The brandnew BIG IN IOWA album entitled Bangin' 'n' Knockin' was released on November 1. The band will also come over for their first European tour in January 2000!

The band sent a new song as a gift for all their fans as a contribution to our MP 3 site. This new song is not an original Big In Iowa track - it's a cover version from the 60s called "Shame, Shame, Shame", originally recorded by Jimmy Reed.

Shame, Shame, Shame (2:59)  realaudio    MP3

The photo shows Big In Iowa bass player Ken Glidewell.


From left to right: Mike Davis, Stefan George, Edgar Heckmann (Blue Rose), Rich Hopkins
Photo: Bernhard Rosa

The band is currently touring Europe and the tour became the most successful tour a Blue Rose act ever had done! Rich wants to thank all his fans for the support and gave the permission for three live tracks as free MP3's, recorded in Affalter, Germany on February 5.

Red River Saloon   MP3
Lost Planet Of Love   MP3
Pokerface   MP3

Also available:
Taken from the double vinyl album Devolver - not available on CD!!!

Tender Mercies (Street Version) (9:39)  realaudio    MP3


The singer/songwriter of the Rainravens was on vacation in Germany in summer of '98 and made a visit at HO*T-FM radio in Hof. Three songs of this session are already available on the new 2CD compilation HO*T-FM Blue Rose Broadcasts Vol. 1. Here is another, exclusive track!

Taking You With Me (3:55)  realaudio    MP3


Also recorded live in the studio at HO*T-FM in Hof and not available on the HO*T-FM Blue Rose Broadcasts compilation.

Billy's Song (5:35)  realaudio    MP3

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Falls ihr eine solche Audio-CD erstellen wollt, müsst ihr die MP3-Dateien vor dem Brennvorgang in das Wave-Format konvertieren. Dieser Vorgang ist einfach und geht auch verhältnismäßig schnell. Ihr benötigt noch nicht einmal ein besonderes Tool, da ihr auch mit WinAmp, den wir zum Abspielen von MP3-Dateien ganz oben auf dieser Seite empfehlen, die Wave-Dateien erstellen könnt.

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Unter OUTPUT-PLUG-IN müsst ihr das Modul DISK WRITER PLUGIN wählen, welches die Wave-Dateien auf Festplatte schreibt. Per Schaltfläche CONFIGURE bestimmt ihr, auf welches Laufwerk die Wave-Dateien geschrieben werden sollen. Jetzt könnt ihr unter WinAmp die Konvertierung starten, indem ihr auf die Schaltfläche PLAY klickt. Die Konvertierung erfolgt mit etwa 5- bis 10-facher Geschwindigkeit, die Songs werden jedoch nicht über die Soundkarte wiedergegeben. Vergesst nach der Konvertierung nicht, unter WinAmp wieder das Output-Plug-In WAVEOUT-PLUGIN einzustellen.

Jetzt können die Wave-Dateien mit einer CD-Brennsoftware (z.B. WinOnCD) auf Audio-CD gebrannt werden.

Introduction how to convert an MP3 file to a Wave file

You can use almost any MP3 player to decode MP3 to .WAV-files, with no need to download any extra files. We will use WinAmp since it is the most commonly used player. The instructions and screenshots refer to Winamp 2.10 and later. Older versions do support MP3 to WAV conversion, but the process is slightly different. As Winamp supports many other formats like MODs and SIDs thru various input plugins, it can be used for converting these kinds of files to WAV as well.

The main reason for decoding your MP3s to WAV is of course that they can be used for making audio CDs, but you might want to do it if you want to turn them into some other format like RealAudio or lower bitrate MP3s (to save space or downloading time). Decoding an MP3 to WAV will not improve the quality of the sound.

Here we go:
1. Start winamp, and press CTRL+P to bring up the preferences window. (alternatively right-click in winamps window, select 'Options', and then click 'Preferences...')
2. Select Output under 'Plug-ins' in the left frame. (double-click 'Plug-ins' if 'Output' is not visible)
3. In the right frame, select "Nullsoft Disk Writer Plug-in [...]", by clicking on it once. You should be seeing something similar to this:
4. Click 'Configure' to set the output directory, where your WAVs will be placed. This defaults to 'C:\Windows\Desktop' (your desktop). Click 'Ok' when you have selected the appropriate directory. (if anything other than a directory selector appears then you have probably not performed step 3 correctly)
5. Click 'Close' to save your preferences and return to Winamp.
6. Load the MP3(s) that you want to decode to WAV as you would do if you were about to play them as usual. This will make Winamp start converting them to WAV files. Don't be alarmed if winamp appears to freeze up, as this is completely normal. Just wait until it finishes. You should make sure that winamp is not set to repeat (the icon at the bottom right hand corner of Winamps interface), as this will make winamp decode the MP3s over and over again.
7. When you are done, go back to the output plugin selection (repeat steps 1 and 2).
8. In the right frame, select "Nullsoft WaveOut Plug-in [...]" instead of the disk writer plug-in. This will make Winamp stop decoding MP3s to WAV-files and play them as usual instead.

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